Cyclodextrin - anti-volatility, anti-oxidation, anti-light and thermal decomposition

23 Jun.,2021

Cyclodextrin can be used in anti-volatility, anti-oxidation, anti-light and thermal decomposition


Flavors and spices in foods are prone to volatilization during processing and storage or are susceptible to oxidation by air and sunlight, such as cinnamon oil, citronella oil, peppermint oil, vanillin, etc. After cyclodextrin and these highly volatile aromatic components are used to form clathrates, it can significantly slow down volatility and oxidation. It can be stored for a long time and is very convenient to use; if it is mixed with animal oil or vegetable oil, it can remain stable at high temperatures. , Can be applied to baked food and canned food. During the manufacturing and storage of instant solid beverages, the original flavor is often easily lost. Adding a certain amount of cyclodextrin to the formula can maintain its flavor for a long time.

Take edible rose essence as an example. Rose essence has a pure rose fragrance and can be used for sweets and biscuits made at high temperature. However, due to the volatility of rose essence, its application is limited. The flavor is microencapsulated by cyclodextrin, which can convert the liquid flavor into a solid non-ink, which significantly improves the slow-release property, and overcomes the shortcomings of the flavor's fast volatilization and short fragrance retention period.

Weigh a certain amount of rose essence, add an appropriate amount of emulsifier and distilled water, and then quickly homogenize and emulsify, then slowly add it to the heated and melted β-cyclodextrin solution, continue to stir for a certain period of time, the formed microcapsules will be removed from the solution Precipitate out. Then through separation and drying, the fixed flavor microcapsules can be obtained. The ideal embedding parameters are: the mass ratio of rose essence to cyclodextrin is 3:10, the embedding temperature is 50℃, and the mass fraction of the initial cyclodextrin solution is 15%.

The fragrance inclusion compound was measured by thermal analysis method, and the inclusion rate of the inclusion compound was found to be 79% by the weight loss method, and it was proved that the fragrance inclusion compound has good sustained release properties.

Garlic oil is not only an important food seasoning, but also an anti-cardiovascular disease drug, but it is easily oxidized when exposed to oxygen. After garlic oil is made into cyclodextrin inclusion compound, the oxidation stability is obviously improved. For example, garlic oil for injection is embedded in hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin (HP-β-CD), and then freeze-dried to prepare garlic oil freeze-dried powder. This preparation solves the solubility of garlic oil to a certain extent. The problems of low irritation and poor stability are of great value to the research and development of garlic oil injection preparations.