Different Types of Hose Clamps

30 Dec.,2022


hose clamp types

A hose clamp is a clamp that is used to secure a hose Connection. There are many different types of hose clamps, but they all have one purpose: to keep a hose attached to a fitting and make sure NO LEAKAGE. Hose clamps come in many different sizes, types, material and shapes, and there is a clamp for every hose and fitting.

Hose clamps are used to secure hose connections in a number of different applications, including automotive, plumbing, beverage and industrial applications. They are also used in a variety of different locations, including homes, businesses, and factories.

Some hose clamps are adjustable, which means that they can be tightened or loosened to fit a range of hose sizes. Other hose clamps are non-adjustable and must be selected to fit the hose diameter exactly. Hose clamps are made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, brass, and plastic.

There are many different types of hose clamps, including Single EAR & Double Ear Hose Clamps, Wire Hose Clamps, Worm Drive Gear Clamps, and Spring Hose Clamps.

Let’s discuss the different types of hose clamps in detail.


Ear Hose Clamps

Ear hose clamps are composed of a band with one or more integrated ears. To make a leak-proof connection to the hose fittings, these ears are closed using a pincer tool.

These clamps are often used in demanding applications where thin-walled hoses, firm plastics, and soft and Hard rubber are present. These ear hose clamps are designed for permanent installation and are not reusable as they must be removed in a destructive manner. Thus, these clamps are simply meant for single use.

Features of Ear Hose Clamps:

  • Fits easily into tight spaces and balances for part tolerances.
  • Suitable for high-pressure applications.
  • Installing permanently creates a tamper-resistant connection.
  • A range of configurations is available, including 1 ear, 2 ears, interlocking, and adjustable.
  • Stainless steel bands are available for corrosion resistance.



Wire Hose Clamps

Double wire hose clamps are made from heavy steel wire, typically galvanized material, with a steel handle to make installation easier. These products are highly regarded in the market due to their remarkable advantages over regular wire clamps and are ideal for various general applications. Various dimensions are available for these hose clamps, and they are also abrasion-resistant and provide excellent performance in challenging applications.

Features of Wire Hose Clamps:

  • Easily installed using common hand tools.
  • Provides 360° of constant tension.
  • Presented in individual and dual-wire structures.
  • Expands and contracts with fitting as temperatures fluctuate.



Spring Hose Clamps

Spring clamps, sometimes referred to as constant tension clamps, are a wide band, spring steel, hose clamp that supplies constant pressure on fittings. Despite temperature fluctuations, the spring qualities of the clamps allow them to maintain constant tension. Automotive manufacturers commonly use them on cooling systems.

Features of Spring Hose Clamps:

  • Easily installed or removed with common hand tools.
  • Installation and removal is very simple with special tools.
  • OEM substitute for cooling systems.
  • 360° constant pressure on fittings.
  • Lowers leakage when fittings are wide.



Worm Gear Clamps

Worm gear clamps, also known as screw clamps, are one of the most common types of hose clamps. They are often used in automotive and plumbing applications. Worm gears feature a captive screw that is attached to a band of material. They are typically made of metal.

Features of Worm Gear Hose Clamps:

  • Easy to use and can be tightened by hand.
  • Applies static pressure to the fitting.
  • Accessible creased worm drive hose clamp lowers the possibility of damage to soft materials.
  • Easily installed using common hand tools.
  • Economical, eco-friendly fastening solution for a variety of applications.
  • There are some clamps presented in stainless steel (band, screw, and housing) for marine applications.


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