Disc springs improve turret punch press operation

18 Apr.,2023


Disc springs improve turret punch press operation

Spirol disc springs provide a solution for design engineers in their on-going challenge to increase the productivity of turret punch presses.

Traditional turret punch press tool designs have included Coil Springs to facilitate the pushing of the punch through the sheet metal and to pull it out. The spring automatically retracts the punch and this allows the ram to only have to work in one direction.  The result reduces wear and extends the cycle life of the punch press. 

However, in a traditional press, the material type and material thickness to be punched has been limited by the coil spring's inability to produce a high force in a short linear distance.  In these situations, Coil Springs can have a negative effect on the quality of the formed product and efficiency of the manufacturing process. 

To overcome this problem, Spirol disc springs can be stacked in series to provide a greater, more consistent stripping force than Coil Springs and require less space. They are becoming an instrumental component in the advancement of turret punch press tooling.

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