Door Handles that Pair well with Electronic Locks

16 Feb.,2023


The company has a group of cooperation teams engaged in the half moon knobs industry for many years, with dedication, innovation spirit and service awareness, and has established a sound quality control and management system to ensure product quality.

Shopping for a smart lock is hard enough without having to worry about what door handle you’ll pair it with. Most aren’t paired with one from the start and it doesn’t make sense to buy a complete handleset, only to toss the deadbolt that you don’t need. That’s why Kwikset has launched a complete series of door handles to pair perfectly with your electronic locks, including the all-new transditional Prescott door handle. 

Introducing Transditional Design

Many homes fit into the category of Transditional Design; places where modernizing home hardware has replaced many of the traditional pieces for more timeless transitional products. Our newest Prescott handle fills this gap perfectly. It pairs beautifully with our traditional SmartCode products, like the SmartCode 909 or SmartCode 914, while also pairing well with our upcoming Halo Touch fingerprint door locks. 

Contemporary Door Handle Pairings

If any trend shows no sign of stopping its contemporary. Hard edges, geometric designs, and industrial color palettes continue to dominate modern designs. We’ve launched two great designs to complement any modern aesthetic, the San Clemente and Tavaris door handles. The San Clemente door handle pushes modernism in its cleanest form, with sharp corners and crisp parallel lines. The Tavaris door handle is a softer take on modern design, with a clean arc to the handle and more heft overall. Both pair well with our contemporary smart lock offerings, like Premis Contemporary or our Obsidian touchscreen line. 

Traditional Door Handle Pairings

If your home is more traditionally designed, our Arlington door handle will fit your needs. Clean, high arcs and traditional finish offerings help this to match most traditional hardware installations. Arlington pairs well with our traditional style Kevo Smart Lock and SmartCode 910 electronic deadbolts. 

Still not sure what to pick to match your brand new electronic lock? Head to our website for the complete list of available door handles, or check out our latest smart locks and upgrade your door hardware today!

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