Here’s Your Window Screen Selection Guide | United Glass Service

09 Dec.,2022


Aluminum Window Screen

There are various reasons why residential and commercial customers order window screens. But the first and foremost reason is to let fresh air in. There are many options available to choose the best screen mesh for your window project.
Here, we will breakdown the popular features and reasons as to why people select what they do:


Air Flow

This is the most important feature in any screen mesh. The standard fiberglass or aluminum screen gives more air flow than an insect screen. For maximum air flow charcoal or grey fiberglass is the best.



While ordering the window frames, it is important to consider the color and type of screen mesh. Additionally, the window screen also has to be compared with the exterior color of your home or business. Charcoal fiberglass is popular among the darker screen meshes as compared to the grey or standard brite aluminum. Curb appeal is important. So, ensure that you visit a retailer to look at the different colors that they offer or purchase a sample offered by them.


Privacy during the day

Solar screen is the best if you like to keep the windows open during the day but also want maximum privacy. Standard charcoal fiberglass is a cheaper alternative to this.



The strongest and most durable screen by far is the pet screen. It can withstand anything from pet claws to birds. Solar and insect screens are next in line in matters of durability.


Ease of installation

Fiberglass screen mesh is the easiest DIY window screen project. Working with fiberglass is like working with a strong flexible fabric. On the other hand, aluminum is very hard to work with. It tends to bend or crease and is difficult to install in the window screen frame.


Energy efficient

In this regard the solar screen mesh wins. It blocks almost 70% of direct sunlight. Some screen mesh manufacturers offer “Super Solar Screen” that gives various solar protection benefits.


Pet Resistance

Pet screen mesh is the best for pet resistance. They are the best when you have pets that like to lie around near the window frames. These screens may fall a bit heavily on your pocket but you will never be disappointed with their performance and durability.



For someone looking for an almost invisible screen mesh, there are many “ultra-view” screen mesh products. The visibility is great with both the aluminum screen and standard fiberglass.


Protection from insects

The tight weave of the insect screen mesh or mosquito screen keeps all insects out while allowing a consistent air flow.

The choices are many when it comes to selecting a window screen. Choose one that will best suit your home type and the requirements of your family.