How to choose the right hose clamp

30 Dec.,2022


hose clamp types

Engine bays encompass a myriad of different hoses, each carrying a different fluid with different requirements. Hoses in ageing vehicles should be inspected and replaced if necessary. It is however also important to inspect and replace the clamps that attach these vital hoses to a car’s components. They are just as important as the hose itself, and failure can result in catastrophe. We have detailed the two types of hose clamps that we currently sell to make your selection easier.

Stainless Steel Worm Drive Hose Clamp

These worm drive clamps are the more traditional selection for securing hoses. They are perfect for clamping silicone hoses and rubber hoses thanks to the “slot free” smooth band. Our MIKALOR W3 stainless steel worm drive hose clamps are of high quality stainless steel and unlike some other brands, these clamps will not tear and cut into the hose as you tighten.

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Stainless Steel T Bolt clamp 

T Bolt clamps are commonly used for high pressure applications where other clamps simply pop off. They are also strong enough for clamping Exhausts and are ideal for use for turbos and Intercoolers. Thanks to their stainless steel wide band, and totally smooth inner band a high torque seal is achieved without ruining the hose.

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We also sell:

304 Grade Stainless Steel Cable / ZIP ties. These are ideal for fastening Exhaust wrap, wires, or areas under high temperatures. These are a great alternative as high temperatures would normally melt traditional plastic ties. Buy them here.

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