Manufacture Adjustable Steel Props Heavy Duty Steel Prop Adjustable Props Jack for Construction

19 Dec.,2022


Heavy Duty Bridge Clamps

Steel prop is a kind of vertical supporting system ,it is widely used in different supporting areas. Slab formwork and table formwork with its high loading capacity may meet maximum stability for your site jobs.

Steel prop is mainly used for support formwork member with high load bearing capacity ,it is easy to install and adjustable the height  ,it give high speed in construction work 

 Adjustable Steel Prop/Prop Sleeve/Prop Nut

1. A complete set of steel prop consists of Top Plate, Base Plate,Inner pipe,Outer pipe, Prop Sleeve, Prop Nut and G Pin.

2.The steel prop is easy to assemble and disassemble due to its simple structure.

3. Can be adjusted to any length within its range;it can be reused.

4. Widely used in proping system such as construction,plants and bridge etc.

Trico offers the high quality props to meet your different demand for construction