Mechanical property analysis of disc spring

18 Apr.,2023


Based on the finite element method, numerical simulation models of a standard disc spring were built and force–displacement curves were obtained under different displacement loads. Then the static loading experiments were conducted by the tensile experimenting machine. The computation model was validated by comparison of the model predictions with the experimental results. The results of the numerical simulation model were in good agreement with the experimental data. Based on the finite element method, models of grooved disc springs were established. The force–displacement and stiffness–displacement curves for the disc springs with different groove configurations were obtained. And the results were verified by the experiment data. The effects of the distribution and number of the grooves on the load variation, the stiffness change, the negative stiffness region in the force–displacement curve were analyzed. The research has good reference value for the design of disc spring with negative stiffness and the application of negative stiffness part in reducing vibration and vibration isolation device.

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