One of our Best Home Purchases! Our New Door Knobs- Automatic Locks

16 Feb.,2023


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I wasn’t going to do a full blog post on our new automatic locks, but we love them so much they needed a little post! I think there is a stigma around automatic door locks- that they are ugly. There I said it. I have thought that too. I actually didn’t want to put the automatic lock on our front door because everyone would see that door the most! But after I found the locks we went with it didn’t matter where they went- they look awesome! Automatic locks are now one thing I would say is one of our best home purchases. I know many of you would agree with that statement! 

There it is! I actually think it looks better than what we had because it is matte black. We had a brushed nickel door knob and lock before that was a similar style but brushed nickel really didn’t match anything in our home or exterior. I had picked it two years ago when we had a brushed nickel light fixture by the door but have since changed that and honestly it was a quick decision that wasn’t really us. I like mixing metals but I do think you should ONE MAIN METAL that is the dominate metal throughout your home. For us we changed all our door knobs on the interior to black and then we accent with gold and some copper. 

PS- Just added THIS new basket to our door! I put a plastic jar in the bottom filled with water for some fresh clippings from our yard. 

Keyless Locks Sources- 

Front Door color- Coral Perfection from Sherwin Williams

Many of you had good feedback and ideas when I asked about automatic locks. I had showed that I was going to order a certain lock where the numbers were flush with the key pad and one of you mentioned that over time you would be able to see the wear on the code numbers. Such a good point! So we went with the raised key pad. 

Favorite thing is that the kids can easily get in and out of the house. And not to mention that we actually lock our door now! Yikes! Our front door used to be the type that you had to use a key to lock it from the outside, which doesn’t seem that “hard” but when your hands are full of bags, your drink and watching a two year old then you sometimes skip pulling out the key to lock the door. Or I would  ALWAYS  have to run back in the house because I forgot something and unlocking the door just took time. I know, first world problems. But just another reason I think the automatic locks were one of our best purchases. Not to mention the many times we have been locked out of our home. Also no more carrying a key when we go on walks or bike rides (which is daily). 

I LOVED the black matte finish and the square door knob for the back of the door. (Exterior front lock system HERE inside square knob HERE).


We did a similar door locks for the back door. I was so glad I was able to message a representative with EMTEK because they told me that there was an adaptor for thin doors. Which is what we have on our back door. It is thinner than the average door (original to the 1950’s home).

The front of the back door has the simple square knob that is just a dummy knob. The top is what locks. We can also enter in two unique codes. 

To summarize what we learned about Door Knobs and Keyless Entry Locks-

  • Look for a raised key pad
  • There are options for thinner doors- just get an adaptor 
  • If you have a deadbolt lock you only need a dummy or passage way door knob 
  • Go with a finish that is dominate throughout your home
  • They make it easy to actually LOCK your doors and never get locked out! 

Keyless Locks Sources- 

Front Door color- Coral Perfection from Sherwin Williams

Keypad Entry Set

Electronic Deadbolt 

Square Passage Doorknob

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Exterior Sources- 

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