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15 Dec.,2022


installing welded wire fence


An escaped dog frustrates the owner because:


  • Your pet may get hurt and lost.


  • It is expensive to bail your dog out of animal control.

  • Your dog may be aggressive or frightened when it escapes and bite a person.

  • An unwanted predator or/and dog may get in the kennel and hurt or breed with your dog


How Do I Keep My Dog in her Chain-link Kennel?


When you first purchase your chain link kennel, notice the gauge thickness of the chain link.  11 gauge is very weak and can be pulled apart. 8 gauge is recommended.


Tight Chain Link


1.    When installing your chain link kennel, which will take about 2 to 4 hours, stretch the chain link very tightly. Use a come-a-long tool, if you can find one. This pulls the chain-link tight. Loose chain link makes it easier for dogs to put their feet in and climb, or heads in and get caught. They can even tear the chain link apart with their teeth.


2.    Make sure you wire-tie the chain link to the kennel every 8"; both on the top and the bottom.  This will prevent gaps large enough for your dog to squeeze through.


3.    Plant the base of the kennel two feet below the ground.


4.    Make sure your kennel is tall enough. If your dog jumps the fence, add height or blocking to the top.


5.    Do not put the dog house near the side of the kennel. A dog will jump up on it and over the fence.


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