Solving the Conduit Fill Conundrum

20 Mar.,2023


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When asked if we could build a Custom Fixture Whip in 3/8” Steel Flex with 3-12 AWG wires and 2-16 AWG wires, I wondered if this amount of wire would fit inside our 3/8” Steel Flex—even with an External Connector. So I consulted my 2014 NEC code book, and coincidentally, this very topic arose during a recent continuing education credits course I took.

According to my calculation, the total cross-sectional area of the five conductors exceeded the allowable 40% fill rate of the 3/8” conduit. I concluded that we would have to use 1/2” Steel Flex.

As a result of this inquiry, I thought it might be valuable to share this table—Maximum Number of Insulated Conductors in 3/8-inch Flexible Metal Conduit.

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