The Right Clean Room Door

06 May.,2021

Choosing the right clean room door can be tricky. Here are 9 things they think every customer should consider before choosing a clean room door.


Choosing the right clean room door can be tricky. Here are 9 things they think every customer should consider before choosing a clean room door.

Clean room doors are an important part of the clean room because they are responsible for sealing the controlled environment. If they do not work properly, the clean room will be exposed to a higher risk of contamination.

The key considerations when choosing a clean room door based on its many years of experience in the clean room construction industry.


1. Completely flat surface

Choose a door that is completely flat on both sides. If there is no edge dust settled, it becomes very easy to clean and maintain special hygiene. The best option is a door that has smooth recessed windows and is completely flush with the clean room wall.

2. Easy to integrate

Understand the system dependence of clean room doors. Many manufacturers market doors that can only be integrated into their systems. This makes it difficult to change the parameters in the facility without compromising the integrity of the clean room door. However, the system independent door can be installed in any clean room, regardless of the manufacturer.

3. Door thick panels

Choose doors that are resistant to bending and shocks. A thickness of 60 mm is recommended to provide strength and reliability in most industrial environments. Aluminum is a particularly durable material.

Cleanroom door

Cleanroom door

4. High air tightness

What is the proper air tightness of the door? It is a reliable and good value to measure 3.5 m3/hm2 under a pressure of 200pa.

5. Clean-resistant products

The clean room is exposed to various strong chemicals every day to ensure a high level of hygiene. Clean room doors, like any other clean room surface, need to resist the regular use of any cleaning products, and any reaction between the door and chemicals needs to be avoided.

6. Safety glass

In a clean room, safety comes first. Therefore, every part of the product should be designed to meet the highest safety requirements.

7. Anti-static surface

The anti-static surface ensures that the door will not attract dirt and micro-pollutants. In order to keep the clean room as hygienic as possible, all surfaces should be anti-static, including the door of the clean room.

8. High-quality hardware

It's not just the surface of the door that needs special attention. Smaller details such as locks, door handles and hinges should be of the best quality to ensure durability and easy maintenance.

9. Locked options

If there is any danger of an interruption in the power supply, the mechanical lock will function just like an electronic system. In the case of hierarchical access levels, consider a card system that may work best-so you can give your employees different permissions. The automatic door opens and closes automatically at the push of a button, which is very convenient. The electronic lock system guarantees the highest security through interlocking control and blocking.

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