Upgrade Your Bathroom: 6 Benefits of Frameless Glass Shower Doors

04 Jan.,2023


Glass Shower Doors

When you look around your bathroom, does it feel open and relaxing with modern touches, or does it feature traditional (ancient) shower doors that make the space look a bit boring? Bathrooms are one of the most used spaces in a home and deserve to be relaxing and visually stunning. The doors on your shower alone can make or break a peaceful moment of zen within your morning routine.

Whether you have plans to upgrade your bathroom, design a new one, or saw some glass shower ideas online and want to know more about them, choosing the right shower door is crucial.

Frameless glass shower doors in particular can reinvigorate and upgrade bathrooms when renovating. Besides their aesthetic value, they also provide additional benefits. 


What Is a Frameless Glass Shower?

There are three different glass shower ideas to consider: framed, semi-frameless, or frameless. Frameless, however, continues to be the top style choice for glass shower design. What are these enclosures, and why does everyone seem to want one? 

Frameless glass shower enclosures use sturdy tempered glass that doesn’t require the support of metal around their exterior edges. The doors are held in place with hardware installed into the shower wall. The absence of the frame creates a cleaner, lighter profile that makes a bathroom feel larger and brighter, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Another perk of glass shower doors without the chunky metal frame, is that they work with multiple design styles. From traditional or coastal to modern or rustic, these showers are versatile without sacrificing functionality.


Benefits of Frameless Glass Shower Doors

With these stylish shower doors, there are several benefits compared to traditional shower doors and curtains.


1. Easy To Clean

Frameless glass doors for showers are the easiest type to clean. 

Without having to worry about chemicals harming the frame or accumulating around the frame's casing, it’s possible to keep the glass glossy and mark-free by simply using a squeegee to remove soap scum after each shower. A frameless shower door is less likely to develop mold or mildew than a shower door with a frame.


2. Durable

Because these shower doors are made of tempered glass and utilize no metal parts, you’ll never have to deal with rusted or corroded parts. This feature prolongs the lifespan of these showers compared to traditional showers.

Due to the thickness of this shower glass, which comes in sizes from ⅜ to ½ of an inch, your glass shower will be safe, tough, and sturdy. This is similar to impact glass used for hurricane protection. Not to mention, the thick frameless glass used for your shower enclosure is resistant to weathering.


3. Increased Light Flow

Bathrooms are one space in your home where light flow is important, and a dimly lit shower can make it difficult for you to see.

Showers with frameless glass doors allow natural or artificial light to flow into the space and travel through your bathroom. When considering bathroom upgrades, ideas, and themes, a shower that lets in light can add a new aesthetic dimension to your bathroom that perhaps a traditional shower didn’t provide.


4. Upgrade Bathrooms With Endless Design Opportunities

No matter the size or shape of your shower, frameless glass doors can be designed for it, which makes customization one of the biggest advantages of a no-frame shower over a framed shower.

There is no particular material you need to select to match the existing theme, as you can remodel your bathroom with marble, granite, tile, or any other material. This provides flexibility when considering various glass shower ideas and themes to match your specific home.


5. Perfect for Any Size Bathroom

When looking at bathroom upgrades, ideas or concepts, size is one of the most important details to keep in mind. For example, if your shower space is small, and it’s difficult to have traditional shower doors that open and close, frameless glass doors can help you save space.  

Unlike framed shower doors that tend to open outwards, frameless doors can be designed to open inwards or as sliding doors. Additionally, clear glass shower doors make the room appear larger, making your smaller bathroom seem more spacious.

For large shower spaces, a frameless shower enclosure can create a spa-like environment by creating a large-scale walk-in shower or a bath and shower enclosure with glass walls from the ceiling to the floor. 


6. Increases Property Value

The bathroom and the kitchen are the primary focus of potential home buyers. These two areas alone can significantly affect the assessment of a home’s value, making them important elements when remodeling bathroom upgrades ideas.

Modern and elegant frameless glass shower enclosures can greatly boost home evaluations. By creating a timeless aspect, your property value can increase, helping you get a better return on your investment.


Upgrade Bathroom Ideas With Storm Solutions

The frameless shower enclosures require thicker glass for stability, precision, and care when installing.

If you’re ready to bring your glass shower ideas to life and create a bathroom that will become your favorite room in the home, we’re here to help!

Storm Solutions offers a full line of professionally installed frameless glass options that will transform your bathroom into your palace. Contact Storm Solutions today and get the shower you've always dreamed of.