PVC, Latex and Nitrile Gloves: Which to Choose?

28 Apr.,2021

Disposable gloves (compare prices) are one of the most widely used safety products around. Widely used by the medical, food service, chemical, automotive and photochemical industries.


Protective gloves (compare prices) are one of the most widely used safety products around. Widely used by the medical, food service, chemical, automotive and photochemical industries. There are many factors to consider when choosing gloves, including quality, protection and allergenicity. This is a brief overview of the three types of gloves and their differences.

PVC gloves

Polyvinyl chloride, better known as PVC, is a thermoplastic polymer that is used to coat the outside of gloves in order to provide protection from chemicals, punctures, cuts and abrasion. This variety of protective gloves are used in a number of job fields to protect from various potential hazards. The types of PVC gloves include safety gloves, medical gloves, lab gloves and industrial gloves.

PVC Gloves

Latex gloves

Latex is the most popular material for gloves and is a biodegradable material which is made from a material derived from the latex tube of the rubber tree and despite the development of synthetic materials it is still the most flexible, elastic and form-fitting of gloves. This provides the wearer with great flexibility, feel and comfort, making these gloves ideal for medical, automotive repair and food service applications.


Of the most common glove materials, latex offers the most effective protection against bacteria, viruses and body fluids. Latex gloves can come in a variety of thicknesses to prevent punctures and tears. They come in powered, lightly powdered and powder-free. The powder inside latex gloves is based on corn starch and is used to easily slip the glove onto your hand.


The downside of latex is that it is an allergen, producing reactions ranging from itchy irritated areas of dry skin to severe allergic reactions, similar to the stinging reactions some people must have. Latex allergy can also be caused by the use of latex gloves.

Nitrile gloves

Often classified as medical grade or examination gloves, the monomers used in nitrile gloves are resistant to a wide range of hazards (including oil-based chemicals and solvents as well as biological hazards such as blood, viruses and other infectious materials). Nitrile gloves are also strong and soft, and they offer greater puncture resistance compared to latex or vinyl gloves.

 PVC Gloves

Nitrile (compare price) is close to latex in terms of fit, feel, dexterity and durability but is more resistant to oils, fats, solvents and chemicals making it ideal for the chemical industry, laboratories, photochemical industry, agricultural or pesticide applications, meat processing and medical applications. Another benefit of nitrile gloves is that they are most effective in eliminating static electricity and reducing particles that contaminate the work environment for use in clean rooms. They can also withstand higher temperatures than latex, which is beneficial for automotive applications.

Nitrile gloves are available in various thicknesses such as latex and vinyl, in powdered, lightly powdered and non-powdered forms. The only disadvantage of these gloves is their cost. Nitrile gloves are the most expensive of the three.

Which disposable glove material is right for you?

Choosing the right glove depends on the application, allergies and cost of the glove you are going to use. Remember to choose a glove that fits your hand size as this will not only provide the most comfortable fit, but will also prevent the glove from falling off your hand, thus reducing the chance of accidental damage to the glove itself.

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