What Are the Different Types of Threaded Inserts?

27 Dec.,2022


Smooth drill collar

Threaded inserts are commonly used to create threaded holes. Also known as threaded bushings, you can push them into a smooth hole. Once installed, threaded inserts will provide threading that supports other threaded fasteners. What are the different types of threaded inserts exactly?

Externally Threaded Inserts

While nearly all threaded inserts feature internal threading, some of them have both internal and external threading. They are known as externally threaded inserts. They are designed for use in threaded holes. You can install other threaded inserts in smooth holes, but you should install externally threaded inserts in threaded holes.

Captive Threaded Inserts

Captive threaded inserts are characterized by their use of a built-in nut. They feature internal threading — just like most other threaded inserts. But captive threaded inserts are essentially nuts. All captive threaded inserts have a built-in nut.

There are several varieties of captive threaded inserts. Clip-nut captive threaded inserts, for instance, feature a clip. You can clip them onto surfaces. If an object is made of a delicate material, drilling may break it. Clip-nut captive threaded inserts offer a solution. Rather than drilling, you can clip them in place, at which point they’ll offer a threaded hole.

Press-Fit Threaded Inserts

You may come across press-fit threaded inserts. Also known as push-fit threaded inserts, they are installed via pushing. You can place a press-fit threaded insert over a hole, after which you can push it in place. Press-fit inserts don’t have external threading, so you can install them by pushing them into a hole.

Helical Threaded Inserts

There are helical threaded inserts as well. Helical threaded inserts are distinguished from all other types of threaded inserts by their helical design. They consist of a spiral or helical piece of wire.

Most helical threaded inserts are classified as externally threaded inserts, meaning they have both internal and external threading. This is because the threading is formed naturally from the wire. Helical threaded inserts consist of a helical piece of wire that forms both internal and external threading.

In Conclusion

You don’t have to drill into an object just to create a threaded hole. An alternative solution is to use a threaded insert. Threaded inserts are parts with threading. When placed inside of a hole, they will add threading to the hole. Some of the most common types of threaded inserts include captive, externally threaded, press fit and helical.