What Is Carbomer?

15 Jul.,2021

Although it is not often mentioned, it has its characteristics in many cosmetics. Most people don't know what carbomer is, even if they may benefit from daily use.


What Is Carbomer?
Although it is not often mentioned, it has its characteristics in many cosmetics. Most people don't know what carbomer is, even if they may benefit from daily use. Unlike the active ingredients that provide result-oriented value for the product, carbomer is an inactive ingredient that helps these active ingredients to perform well. Carbomer described a series of polymers made from acrylic acid. On its own, carbomer is a white, fluffy powder, but it is often used as a gel in various cosmetics and personal care products for skin, hair, nails, cosmetics, and toothpaste.
The benefits of carbomer for the skin
Although carbohydrates alone will not really improve your skin condition or treat existing problems or concerns, they can provide benefits in certain products. You can think of them as supporting actors in movies, or backing singers in albums-they may not be stars in the show, but without their help, none of this would be possible.
Thicken or even product consistency: Carbomer is a thickener that helps control the consistency or viscosity, and fluidity of many cosmetics.
What Is Carbomer?
Prevent product separation: In addition, they help to disperse and suspend insoluble solids into liquids, and prevent the oil and liquid parts in the solution from separating. This useful property is what makes thinner moisturizers such as emulsions work.
Improve the texture of the product: Carbomers can easily absorb and retain water, and when they are suspended in water, they can expand greatly-up to 1,000 times their original volume. By adding carbohydrates to shampoos, conditioners, creams and lotions, the formula will look richer, smoother and smoother.
Side effects of carbomer
According to the Environmental Working Group, carbomer is considered a very safe ingredient. In "government, industry or academic research or evaluation", it is not considered to be a carcinogenic component, nor is it related to developmental or reproductive toxicity. In addition, Carbomer has not been shown to damage the immune system or cause allergic reactions. When reviewing acute oral and skin studies, they determined that when the concentration reached 100%, carbomer has lower phototoxicity, light contact sensitization, skin irritation and sensitization.
Therefore, if you are using a product containing carbomer and you have an adverse reaction or an allergic reaction, it is very safe to assume that it is caused by another ingredient.
How to use it
Because carbomer is the ingredient that makes countless products work best, there is no set of instructions for use, just like SPF or glycolic acid. Carbomer has many uses and can be used at any time. Carbomer is one of the most versatile polymers in industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and even oral care products. It seems to be a neutral ingredient that can be paired with anything. If you are using a product that relies on carbomer, be sure to follow the product's instructions carefully and reduce or stop using it if you notice negative side effects such as acne or irritation.
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