When a disc spring can help you

23 May.,2023


Disc spring and Belleville spring application

Technical names such as disc spring DIN 2093 or spring DIN 6796 are not known by a lot of people. Actually, we are not awareness of the importance that these springs have in our life.

This happens in disc springs which are pieces used in a lot of applications every day. These applications of these pieces are used to avoid malfunction of systems that use them. If we don’t have these pieces to use them, it could happen serious accidents of a lot of people.

¿Have you ever traveled by train or have you ever went in cableway?These transports have the disc springs use on their mechanisms in common. Trains are usually used in everyday life. We are not aware about the vibrations produced between the carriage and the railway track. It happens due to disc springs because they absorb and damp.And in case of the cableway, Disc spring is used to maintain the hitch pressure above the cable. This allows offsetting the cable deformation and maintaining a stable and enough tension.

A lot of vehicles and heavy machines have emergency brake to avoid injures and accidents in case of a system failure. These brakes are made by compressed disc springs that are released in case of hydraulic pressure. With their tension they act as brake of the vehicle or the machine. Cranes also used these springs to their emergency brakes in case of overload.

Do we want strong and lasting bridges? Increasingly bridges use disc springs to support vibrations produced by heavy weights, wind and temperature changes. With these springs bridges avoid the impairment of their structure.

In 2011, there was a terrible earthquake in Lorca. Some ways to build are been included to build new builds due to this horrible fact in all the country. Disc springs are the best option to strengthen the foundations. They also are the best option to absorb seismic vibrations and reduce structure damage.

This springs or disc springs are really practice. They are also used to prevent: gas in the flange and valves, in fixations of electrical high voltage connections, in mooring tools as milling or lathe including fixings for opening car doors.

Usually, we don't think about all the small elements that make of our life a safe place. Maybe, we don’t previously see them but thanks to them we avoid a lot of accidents and injuries.

You can find more information about disc springs at:

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