Window Screen Replacement: What You Need To Know

09 Dec.,2022


Aluminum Window Screen

Window screens do a great job of keeping insects and bugs out. In hotter months, you can leave the windows open and lower your cooling bill without worrying about anything flying in or crawling through the windows.

Handy as they are, window screens take quite a beating from anything including pets, weather elements, and normal wear and tear. Fortunately, you can replace broken or torn window screens affordably and with minimal disruption to your day-to-day routine.

If you are considering replacing your window screens, here is what you need to know.

Window Screen Options

Traditionally, window screens were made out of a fabric. While these types of screens are still in use, many others types are available to meet customers' functional and aesthetic preferences.

You can replace your broken window screens with aluminum, bronze, copper, fiberglass, and see-through or even colored screens. Some screens not only keep insects out but also block UV rays while others are retractable for better airflow.

Whether you want to replace conventional fabric screens with aluminum screens or fiberglass, most screens will work on standard type windows. This way, you will not need to make any significant changes to your windows to accommodate a new type of screen.

Window Screen Repair or Replacement

Sometimes, repairing is more appropriate than replacing a window screen. If the screen stretches out of its frame, you can simply pull and tack the screen back.

However, you should consider replacement if the screen is torn. A tear will easily let in insects, bugs, and other unwanted visitors. A small tear on the window screen will quickly become a large hole that will inevitably require replacement.

You can use patching kits to repair a punctured screen. A patch is a short-term solution, but you should bear in mind that these patches are visible and may take away from your window's aesthetics.

Replacement is an affordable and long-term solution. With proper maintenance, window screens can serve you for many years, so the upfront cost of replacement will certainly pay for itself.

DIY or Professional Window Screen Replacement

Unless you have solid handyman skills, consider hiring a professional to replace your window screens. Admittedly, window screen replacement may not be the most difficult home repair job. However, a professional has the experience, tools, and expertise to fix your screens quickly and with excellent results.

Professional installation is especially necessary if you are replacing screens on larger windows. Some jobs may require stapling the screen onto the frame, replacing a worn frame, or adding new trim to the window. Only a professional can recommend such solutions to ensure high-quality outcomes.

Based on their experience, a professional installer can also help you select the best window screen in line with your budget and the needs of your home.

Window Screen Replacement Costs

Cost is an important consideration when you are planning to replace your window screens. Several factors will influence the final out-of-pocket expenses you will incur for such a project.

First, window screen materials are available at varying costs. For example, fiberglass screens are comparably more affordable thanaluminum screens.

Other factors to consider include the shape and size of the window and if the window needs additional trim or frame replacement. In addition, factor in the cost of hiring a professional window screen installer.

Consider replacing all the torn or aged window screens in your home all at once. You can negotiate a discount for bulk purchases and installation.

Replacing old or torn window screens is a quick home improvement project with impressive payoffs. Not only will you keep those pesky creepy-crawlies out but you will also boost your home's curb appeal.

At Nor Sac Glass Company, we have the expertise and tools to replace your window screens fast and affordably. Call us today to schedule an appointment.